In order to support your Company/Brand image, we analize the worldwide market trends, and we offer you a unique solution on search, creative design and manufacturing of new products and brands.

  1. Product design and development.
  2. Design and development of incentive campaigns.
  3. Development of global and regional purchasing and supply strategies.

We are focused on solving our Clients’ needs in order to boost their sales and the growth of their brands and lines of products.

We have specialized in the development of incentive programs for your Sales Force and Clients, through our 10 year experience in design, production, marketing and supply chain.

We have office branches in Asia, America and Europe, from where we are responsible of our products’ development, purchasing process and quality inspection, starting with the acquisition of raw materials until the finished product, fulfilling the international quality regulations and standards.

We can provide you with certificates originally issued by the following laboratories:

We have a Logistics and International Commerce Department to follow up the products’ import-export process.

Our alliances for the transportation of products are:


How we work